Hello out there!!

Welcome to my blog!

If you know me you probably know that i have started a thousand and one blogs and none of them lasted more than a month… i am very bad with commitment at times! It is definitely not something i would like to share at a job interview… i am however working on it! Thus the introduction of my new blog! Musings of an Iqwo… iqwo… being me off course 😀

I decided to start this blogger-riffic journey for a number of reasons. The first being that my mind is chock-a-block with all sorts of randomness and i think my brain deserves a break now and again from the stuff that floats through my mind! Secondly i love writing, i love to share ideas and thoughts, and sometimes the jokes i think of just have to be expressed as innnn!! (lol they are not actually that good tbh, but hey if you don’t laugh at your jokes who will?)

Anyways, i see you thinking, so em… with all your randomness what will this blog actually be about? TBH i do not actually know. It will be a mixing pot of all sorts, like fashion, hair ( I have been trying to get on a hair growth challenge but pure and utter laziness is stopping me… sigh), and general gripes and musings on the world and the London transportation system. I will also probably be ‘gisting’ you on anything fun and adventurous i get up to, especially with regards to any creative events i attend etc.

Please note, that i may on occasion break into poetry, or ramble off about something, please forgive me in advance.

The next couple of posts that i will be posting will be posts that, in blue peter fashion, “i did earlier.”

So i hope you enjoy my blog, please come back, visit, and follow me!

Lots and lots of love


P.S if you are not feeling the bright background wallpaper, let me know… although it took me many sleepless nights trying to get everything to match up, but hey, let me know still, although make sure u have a packet of sweets to hand as a peace offering first. 😉

songs of joy I hope to sing